Exodus 23:4 "if you meet your enemies ox going astray, you shall surely give it back to him"

Ex. 23:5 "if you see one that hates you struggling with his burden, and you don't want to help him, you shall surely help him"

Exodus 23:7 "I will not justify the wicked" Exodus 23:9 "you shall not oppress a stranger"

Leviticus 19:17-18 "love your neighbor as yourself, I am the Lord" {Exodus 20:12-17}

Leviticus 19:33-34 "the stranger that dwells among you shall be as one born among you, and you shall love him as yourself"

Deuteronomy 10:16-19 "Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your hearts... Love ye therefore the stranger"

Deuteronomy 18:18-19 "I will raise them up a prophet ... and put my words in his mouth"

{Luke 6:27 Matthew 7:12 John 15:12 Romans 13:8-9 Galatians 5:13-14 1 John 4:8 James 2:8-12}

Deuteronomy 28:1 "if you will not hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord thy Creator.."

Deuteronomy 28:49 "the Lord shall bring a nation against thee from far.. as swift as the eagle flies"


Jeremiah 6:1 "Oh ye children of Benjamin, gather yourselves to flee out of the midst of Jerusalem, and blow the trumpet in

Te-ko-a, and set up a signal fire in Beth-hac-ce-rem: for disaster appears out of the north, and great destruction."

Jeremiah 6:6 "For thus hath the Lord of hosts said, Hew ye down trees, and build a mound against Jerusalem,

this is the city to be punished; she is full of oppression in the midst of her."

Jeremiah 6:13-14 "from the least of them even unto the greatest of them everyone is given to covetousness; [Micah 3:9-12]

and from the prophet even unto the priest every one deals falsely. And

they have healed the crushing of the daughter of my people superficially, saying, Peace, Peace; when there is no peace."

{Clearly some of the 'Palestinians' are "the daughter of my people", Isaiah 6:11-13, Zech. 11:14. Even if we call them, strangers; }

Jeremiah 22:3-5 "Thus says the Lord; Dispense justice and righteousness and

deliver the oppressed out of the hand of the oppressor and do no wrong, do no violence, to the stranger,

the fatherless and the widow, neither shed innocent blood in this place.."

"If you will not obey these words I swear by myself says the Lord, that this house shall become a desolation."

{Daniel 9:2 (Daniel was 70 years older; 2 Chron. 36:6-21, Dan 9:1-2) therefore; Dan 9:24 "Seventy captivities are determined..."}


Obadiah 1:6 "How are the things of Esau searched out! How are his hidden things sought up!" [Genesis 25:25,30, 27:15-16]

Obadiah 1:7 ".. the men that were at peace with thee have deceived thee and prevailed against thee;

they that eat thy bread have laid a trap for thee and there is none aware of it" {Because; }

Obadiah 1:11 "in the day that strangers cast lots for Jerusalem, even thou was as one of them"

{Some of the 'Zionists' are really of Esau/Edom. Micah 6:16 Zephaniah 3:13 Malachi 3:5 Ezekiel 20:38 Isaiah 65:15, Ezek 33:26}

Obadiah 1:12 "Thou should not have gloated over thy brother, in the day that he became a stranger;

neither should thou have rejoiced over the children of Judah in the day of their destruction"

Obadiah 1:13 "Thou should not have entered into the gate of my people in the day of their calamity" {Ezekiel 35:10-12, 36:2}

Obadiah 1:14 "thou should not have stood in the crossroads to cut off those of his that did escape

neither should thou have made captive those of his that did remain"

{Verse 14 is literally happening in Israel right now; military checkpoints all over the place.}

Obadiah 1:15-21 "For the Day of the Lord is near..." "And deliverers shall come up on mount Zion,

to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the Lords." {Clearly an end times passage}


Malachi 1:3-4 {speaking of Esau and Edom}"Edom says, we are impoverished, but we will return and build the desolate places;
thus says the Lord, they may build, but I will throw down; and they{ the nations; Deuteronomy 29:23-24 } shall call them,

The territory of wickedness, and, the people against whom the Lord has indignation forever" [Isaiah 5:8]

{ Due to Malachi we know the nature of Esau and Edom, they like to return and build. Also note Ezekiel 11:15, 35:10-12, 36:2 }

Malachi 3:1 {The Everlasting Father is speaking the following to Israel}

"Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me, and The Lord, whom ye seek,

shall suddenly come to His Temple, even the messenger of the covenant{the Messiah}whom ye delight in:

behold, He shall come, says the Lord of hosts." Malachi 3:5 {The Everlasting Father is speaking the following to Israel!}

"I will come near to you to judgment, and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers,

and against the adulterers, and against the false swearers and against those that exploit the wage earner;
that oppress the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right
, because they do not fear me, says the Lord." { Micah 2:2-5 }

{Malachi 3 is a prophecy relating to things that the Messiah will do. Isaiah 11:1-2 also says that the Messiah will judge.}


Revelation 3:9 "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;

behold, I will make them to come and bow before your feet and to know that I have loved thee." { Revelation 2:9 Isaiah 60:14 }

{ Due to Obadiah and Malachi and what has been happening in Israel, it is clear who the Messiah is speaking about, today. }

{ 'Zionist' "settling" by theft, force and military occupation, in the exact manner described by Obadiah, is what is happening. }

Galatians 3:29 "if ye be Christ's then are ye Abrahams seed and heirs according to the promise" {Galatians 5:24}

"Whoever transgresses (disobeys the Torah 1 John 3:4) and abides not in the teachings of the Messiah, has not the Creator.

(His teachings are the heart of the Torah; Ex. 20:12-17, 23:1-9 Lev. 19:9-18,33-34; Matt 5:1 - 7:12-28 Luke 6:27-49 John 15:12)
Whoever abides in the teachings of the Messiah has both the Father and the Son." 2 John 1:9 Matt 7:24-28 Hebrews 5:8-9